“Be Yourself Everyone else is already taken” – Oscar Wilde

“Be Yourself Everyone else is already taken” – Oscar Wilde

I went to the Beach today with my family and thought, yes, this will be a great opportunity to do another Pilates Tutorial for my YouTube video with a fabulous backdrop. What I hadn’t counted on was the wind, the sand ( yeah I know, I should have factored that in – it’s a Beach after all ) the other people on the beach, how blooming hard it was going to be to set up my camera and the surprise right at the end !!!!

The resulting video was a totally disaster – you can barely hear me over the wind, my moves on the sand were not good enough to demonstrate the exercise I was trying to show & my bum looks huge 😱 I was just about to delete it when I stopped and thought about the promise I made to myself before deciding to do more social media posts….

I had been thinking about getting more involved in the world of social media for awhile. I’m super passionate about what I do, something, I think all those I teach would agree with it, and I get asked all the time to do videos and put them online.

Yet, the idea of putting myself out there really made me nervous and to be honest, pretty scared too – would people think “ who does she think she is” making videos & talking about Pilates. Would people judge me for not being thin enough, as I’m not your classic streamline Pilates Teacher – what can I say – I love exercise but I also love food and champagne too 🤗. Would people think I speak funny, would people think she’s not good enough to offer us advice and the list of self doubts and worries went on and on. So, I gave into my fears and did nothing.

However, then I signed up to a webinar by a great lady called Jenny Burrell and as luck would have it she talked about just what I was worrying about – she said if you’re passionate about what you do, then why not share your passion beyond your studio, yet, there was one caveat, she said the most important thing was to be authentic and true to yourself in all that you put out there !!!! What great words of wisdom- and for me they set off a light bulb moment. if I let my go of ego & genuine fears, stopped worrying about what I looked like and just focused on being me it could work. So I embarked upon a new journey, but, I promised myself that i would always aim to be authentic and the real me, rather than a social media persona, in all my Blogs and Vlogs I put out there.

Therefore, I didn’t delete the video – I posted it instead, as it shows the real authentic me !! I hope it makes you laugh. I’m planning on filming the tutorial for the side Plank sequence again soon – but when I do, you’ll know that I don’t get it right all the time, but I’m ok with that.

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