Small but perfectly formed – the benefits of small Pilates classes.

Small but perfectly formed

 The many benefits of never having more than 6 members in any of my Pilates classes.




One of the most important decisions I made when I decided to open my own Pilates studio was, what size my classes should be. Having been in many classes myself in large halls with 20 plus participants or equally bad, small spaces where there just wasn’t room to be able to carry out the full Pilates repertoire, I knew that these types of classes was not for me. Therefore, I decided to never have any more than 6 members to a class. People often ask me why do I choose to teach in this way, it’s because I firmly believe that in having smaller classes, my class members get more individual attention and this in turn allows me to focus the class on each of their specific problems and help each person to achieve their own unique goals.


Here’s 10 more reasons why I believe small is best ….

  1. More Personal attention from the teacher– In a smaller class the teacher can spot when you are incorrectly doing a move and correct you – continually asses that your alignment is correct and be able to offer 1-1 support on any move you may find too hard or give progressions for those who find a move too easy.
  2. Faster improvement in a smaller class– due to a much more focused approach on the Individual – a smaller class allows you to improve your strength, posture and alignment much quicker.


  1. Less injury–there is less chance of getting an injury in a small class as unlike a larger class – I can clearly see if you’re doing the exercise precisely.


  1. Relationship building between teacher and class– means the atmosphere is great (sometimes too much laughter and chatting but you’ll still work super hard).


  1. Greater focus for you– in a small class you can’t hide or get away with doing nothing!


  1. More fun– great rapport in class, creating camaraderie and many of my class members have gone on to become friends.


  1. Accountability – in a smaller class everyone remembers who was there, so you become accountable to attend each week and more likely to develop a regular routine.


  1. Greater Motivation – I find in my smaller classes, the members alongside myself, tend to encourage each other to achieve a move they may found hard and when they do achieve it, the other class members will recognize this achievement making you more motivated to continue to push and challenge yourself.


  1. Quality of class– I’m continually trying to update and improve the classes and the class structure and the studio has made a massive difference to the quality of the class as the teacher has to pay more attention to each person and their problems in a smaller class.


  1. Greater Understanding of the Pilates fundamentals –If confused you are more likely to ask a question and check the exercise you are doing is correct in a smaller class which in time will perfect your form in each of the Pilates moves.



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